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Spirulina is a type of cyanobacteria — often referred to as blue-green algae — that is incredibly healthy.

It is one of many superfood due to its excellent nutritional content and health benefits. It may improve your levels of blood lipids, suppress oxidation, reduce blood pressure and lower blood sugar.

Crunchies Spicy spread where ever you like, flavored with indian Spices.

Spirulina Crunchies can be spread, as a seasoning, on salad, nasi goreng , cereales or cheese.

Spirulina powder can be added to fruit or vegetable juices or to dishes to enhance nutritional content or can be used for face mask.

All Things You Can Do With Spirulina

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About Us

Bali Spirulina Farm

At Bali Spirulina Farm, we cultivate the strain Spirulina Paracas, originated from Lake Huacachina in Peru.

We dry at low temperature, below 40 degrees , in a closed room to preserve all the nutriments and garanty the purity of our Spirulina. We can proudly say that it’s RAW SPIRULINA.


Spirulina appears to be the ultimate source of nutrition available to mankind today. The Nutritional value of 1gr Spirulina is equivalent to 1 kg of assorted fruits and vegetables.


To produce 1 kg of spirulina very little water is needed. Spirulina can help in the struggle with global warming as it fixes carbon and produces oxygen.


We produce our Spirulina on our own farm, dedicated to the full process from harvest to packaging, to follow the international sanitary regulation, and the GMP certification.

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Spirulina Benefits.

  1. Children who don’t like or get enough vegetables and or have an imbalanced food intake.
  2. Teenagers during their rapid growing period need a sufficient injection of nutrients. Spirulina is ideal for this.
  3. Pregnant mums who need extra nutrients.
  4. Seniors who have difficulty in having reasonable average 3 meals per day.
  5. Sport lovers or athletics who need extra nutrients to keep their energy levels up.
  6. Modern busy people who don't have the time to eat good meals.
  7. Patients or people who need high volumes of nutrients to assist recovery (please consult your doctor)
  8. Vegetarians who require extra nutrient sources

  1. People with hyperparathyroidism
  2. People who have serious allergies to seafood or seaweed.
  3. Patients currently experiencing high fever.

Fresh spirulina is said to be almost tasteless, while dried spirulina can have a strong taste and smell. As the name suggest, dried spirulina reduce some of the vitamin content.

Absolutely. It’s a very good source of vegetable protein.

  • Better nutrition – Spirulina is a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, especially rich in beta-carotene and vitamin K
  • Boost Immune Function – Studies show that spriulina may improve your immune system.
  • Boost energy – After one smoothie packed with spirulina, you’ll see that you get an energy boost.
  • Natural detoxification – Spirulina attaches itself to metals in your body and so that the metals exit your body as waste.

Yes! You can mix Spirulina with any of your favorite foods and beverages.

But We recommend against using a microwave to cook Spirulina because doing so reduces the nutritional value of the product. If you are adding Spirulina to a meal that requires microwaving we recommend you heat the meal separately and add Spirulina after reheating.

Yes we do! But to keep our fresh Spirulina in the best condition available we only sell in Bali.

Contact us if you're interested in getting fresh spirulina supply.

Certain Spirulina powders and supplements are reported to have a strong taste and smell compared with fresh Spirulina which is virtually tasteless. While dried Spirulina offers higher concentration by weight of nutrients, fresh Spirulina paste provides greater creativity in how you incorporate it into your meal.

Yes, Spirulina is safe for everyone to consume. Recommended daily consumption ranges between 15-40 grams per day of fresh paste. Consult with your doctor or nutritionist to determine how much is right for you.

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