About Us

Bali Spirulina Farm

As vegan, and consuming spirulina for many years already, we always have been worried about the quality of the Spirulina we use to find in Indonesia, mostly importe from china, india or thailand.

So 4 years ago, with the help of Jordan from SPIRULIFORM , who is growing Spirulina in France for almost 14 years, we decided to open our first spirulina pond in Bali.

We start with a small 80m2 pond to learn the skills and see how Spirulina adapt to the Balinese climat. In 2014 we extend with 2 ponds, totalizing260 m2, then in 2015 we settle 2 news ponds which bring us to 550 m2.

Then, in 2016, we extend again, with 2 others ponds which bring us to 950 m2. We also build a new building, dedicated to the full process from harvest to packaging, to follow the international sanitary regulation, and get the GMP certification (good manufacturing practices).

We are a small scale spirulina farm which allow use to control and produce ahigh quality product, rich in nutriments and Phycocyanin.