Our Vision

First of all, Spirulina appears to be the ultimate source of nutrition available to mankind today. As stated by NASA: ” The Nutritional value of 1 gr Spirulina is equivalent to 1 kg of assorted fruits and vegetables”

In a Global warming concern, to produce 1 kg of spirulina very little water is needed (the only significant loss is through evaporation).
Spirulina protein uses 1/3 of the amount of water needed to grow soybeans and only 1/50th of the water needed for beef protein. Spirulina protein needs 20 times less land than soybeans and 200 times less than is required for beef production. Spirulina can help in the struggle with global warming as it fixes carbon and produces oxygen.

Also, the consumption of spirulina can reduce intensif animal farming which is a major contribution to global environmental degradation, through the need to grow feed (often by intensive methods using excessive fertiliser and pesticides), pollution of water, soil and air by agrochemicals and manure waste, and use of limited resources (water, energy).

And finaly, Growing spirulina also requires very little surface area of land, with the further advantage that the land can be marginal, unusable and non-fertile.

The farm is open to visitors to show all the process from culture to transformation in crunchies and powder and educate people about this Goodness blue green algae ( for visit contact us before).

We produce spirulina under licence of PT Sinar Hijau Bali.